Customer Projects

A Universal Frequency Counter

By Matti Niskanen, OH2CF


frnt.jpg (850316 bytes)

A Top Band Transceiver

By Andy Howlett, G1HBE


Topband rig3.jpg (95905 bytes)


Using the X-Lock with the FT102

By David Lisney, G0FVT


X-Lock the TS520 series Transceivers

By Bob Mutton, VK2ZRM

Kenwood TS-520S

X-Lock Control via the RIT Line

By Bob Mutton, VK2ZRM

Atlas 210/215 X-Lock installation

By Frits Geerligs, PA0FRI


Swan 270B X-Lock Installation

By Morris Dillingham KI4IUA

Drake TR-7 X-Lock Installation

By Ron Wagner WD8SBB

TenTec Corsair X-Lock Installation

By Pete Juliano N6QW (ex W6JFR)

Yaesu FT-902DM X-Lock Installation

By Marinos Markomanolakis SV9DRU / KI4GIN